Even aliens are afraid of humans

Have you ever wondered why do aliens hide from us? Why can’t they openly show themselves to us? They are vising us each and every day. They are watching us. Yet, they don’t want to reveal themselves to us. Well, there is a big reason for that. They know humans. Those angry and unfriendly humans. Humans are self absorbed and self destructive. This is a very angry planet, and all because of the humans. So, why would anyone even think about talking to us and share their technology with us? Of course not. Many, many humans are possessed by evil. The anger of some humans is beyond imagination.

Aliens are extremely smart and sophisticated . They are ahead of us in thousand years , maybe even millions. They don’t want to deal with someone undeveloped mentally, someone angry and unfriendly. They don’t want to show their technology to someone who is unprepared to use it towards good intentions. And that’s why they don’t openly reveal themselves to us. Only to a small group of people and very secretly. And when those people who met them telling us their stories about seeing aliens, then most of the humans laughing at them and they don’t believe them.

How sad. What a sad reality of the planet Earth which is full of an idiotic humans, alcoholics, drugs addicts and just an angry nature of humans. Would you want to deal with someone like that? No.

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