By Audrey NYStusta : I love going around the country. I love visiting new places, and I love fine dining. What is fine dining means to you? I love food, and I love eating out. What is your favorite place to have your fine dining? My most favorite place is in New York city. First of all, I love New York city. Its just an amazing city. Second of all, there is some an amazing restaurants in New York. Now, you going to tell me that there is many wonderful restaurants in many other places out there. I’m not argue with that, but no, you are not going to find anything so amazing like in New York.

There is one place in midtown, where I go very often, and its fantastically beautiful, and the food is unbelievably delicious. Its like a real celebration of the fine dining and the beauty. What is your favorite restaurant in New York? if you never been in New York and maybe some day you will go there, then make sure to go to the finest restaurant at least once, and you will have the most wonderful meal on Earth and you will have the most magical time in New York city. Dining in New York is like a holiday if you want to have one.

I met one guy, and he told me once, that if he had a last wish, then it would be the fine dining at the restaurant in New York city. That says everything. Well, while you maybe still thinking about going to restaurant, but I’m going right now, and I’m going to have an amazing time.

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