The Sensation Of Hate, What Makes Them Hate Floyd Mayweather Jr.

By Love Kart :  How many haters out there ? What makes them hate someone ? Why do they hate someone like Floyd Mayweather Jr. ? Are they really an angry people ?  What are they angry about ? Is there something horrible going on in their personal life’s that makes them so angry at some people ? One thing I can tell you is that  I hate an angry people.  Of course, when an angry people trying to hurt someone by saying nasty things to someone, and they hope for reaction to their anger , but there is no reaction, then they get even more upset.  They can’t control their anger. The jealousy and anger is a daily routine for an angry people. Its like a food for them, and they had to eat it, otherwise they can’t live without it.

Where do angry people coming from ? Well, they came from evil. The moment they were born, they let their soul to be controlled by the evil. The anger of an angry people will stay with them forever , and  nobody cares about their problem. Nobody  can’t help them.

Now the question is what makes them hate  Floyd Mayweather Jr. ? Well, Floyd Mayweather Jr. is the boxing champion, he is rich and he is beautiful. He is smart and he is kind. So, that’s what  makes haters to hate him . The power of hate is unlimited, but there is another true  power, and its the power of God . His power is the most powerful of all.  The legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. we really hope that you will come back to the boxing ring and you will fight , and you will win again and again. Your fan’s are with you. We are strong , and you are the best fighter on earth.

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