By Love Kart : Well , isn’t  the boxing world  feels empty ? Since Floyd Mayweather Jr. announced that he is retired after his 49th fight.  It was a shocking news, and we wanted to see him fighting forever, well, at least until he is an old man. He is still very young and he can keep fighting.  We wanted to see him on the ring over and over again. His fan’s are really sad now that he is retired. Even though, we still hope that he will come back on the boxing ring. His haters  are really happy now that he is retired. They don’t want to see him fighting. Of course,  many of his haters still want him to fight, and its not because they really want to see him fighting , but because they still hope , that maybe someday he would lose. All those years , they were hoping to see him lose. Well, Floyd Mayweather Jr. never lost any fight of his fights, because he is a true winner. He is the boxing champion. He is the legend of the boxing world.

Its a fact, he’s got a lot’s of haters. Of course, you know why its so many of them. The answer to the question is so simple. Its because the losers hate the winners. Its like a math equation, losers plus misery equals hate. Who is this loser’s ? Who are they ? Well, losers is some kind of type of people, who is jealous of successful people. Therefore they hate someone who is successful in life. For example, if you driving a Mercedes- Benz , they will hate you until they become a red on the face or until they get a heart attack , because they will never  buy such a nice car , well, not even  in their wildest dreams. Now you will ask me, why they can’t buy it ? Its because the losers don’t have the money to buy it. There is something about the anger and jealousy that makes them stay poor , like forever.

Now, do you want to know who is becoming the winner in life ? Only the hard working and kind people. People with a big hearts are blessed or they will be blessed eventually. Why ? because God sees and knows everything.

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