By Lee Green : What cats do, when they all alone at home? They don’t do much. Most cats are sleeping while waiting for you to come back. Some cats looking in the window or walk around the house. There is one more thing you might don’t know about cats, it may surprise you, but your cat is thinking of you. Your cat is missing you while you are away. Cats love their owners so much. Just look at your cats eyes. Do you see anything? When I look at my cats eyes, I see love and nothing else.

Cats are a very loving creatures. In fact, they are more loving than many humans out there. And more loyal than many humans. Even though, many cats love their independence, but they will always come back to you. Even if they get lost, they will find their way back home from miles and miles away. Cats are really smart, and cats love is forever.

I had a cat, and he loved me so much, he wouldn’t leave my side, when I come home from work. We loved each other so much, and when I left for my business trip for eight months, I left him with my family member, well, my cat was missing me so much. He was so stressed, and he just died. It was a tragedy. If I only knew, that our separation would kill him, I would take him with me.

Cats are truly amazing. They are our joy, and our best friends. Well, let correct it, they are our family. Life is so much happier, when you come home, and there is someone fluffy running toward you to give you a kiss. Signing song for you in their own language. Its a pure happiness. God sent to us our cats and our dogs, so we can live together side by side in peace.

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