By Victoria Smith : Did you noticed the way your cat looking at you ? What do you see ? Do you see love in your cats eyes ? Did you ever think what your cat is trying to tell you ? Well, I do think about it. When my cat is looking at me , its the sign of a love. My cat is communicating with me. My cat is telling me whatever he wants to tell me. How do I know what my cat is telling me ? Its easy for me to know , because we have a very strong connection with my cat. We understand each other. I even know when my cat is telling me ” I love you ”  and when we spend time with together , or I  pat him.

If you still don’t understand your cat then you need to get to know your cat all over again. Spend some time with your cat. Look at his or her eyes. Talk to him or her daily. At one point , you will know what your cat want or what your cat is telling you. When that happened , it will be a happy moment for you and your cat, because your cat really needs you and he / she wants you to understand them. Cats can’t talk , unfortunately , but we can learn from each other the way to communicate. When you start to understand your cat and the process of the understanding will never end. Your cat will become for you the  true best friend. Its not going to be just a pet for you.

Cats are the most magical and intelligent pets. They came to us humans to live with us and to make our life beautiful. They bring us so much happiness each and everyday. Cherish your cats and try to understand  them, and most importantly is to love them with all of your heart.

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