Have You Met A Dog Hater?

By Lee Green : All dog lovers experienced some sort of discrimination at some point. Because there angry people that hate dogs. They are the dog haters. And they are living among us, unfortunately.

Do you remember when you were walking in some public place, and most of the people adored your dog, but there was one ugly person, who made a comment like “Why did he bring his dog in here”. Those are the ugliest people, those who hate dogs. In fact, they hate everybody and everything. They hate cats and they hate children. They hate every single animal on this planet Earth, because they are the ugliest people, and they even hate themselves, but they don’t even know it.

Well what you can you do when you hear some ugly person throwing some nasty comment about your dog? Well, you can tell them “Back off” or you can ignore them. Let them talk to themselves. Haters are very ugly people. They have a lot of problems in life.

Haters are losers, and they want to mess with other people, because they are real losers. They are angry at this world. Just look at their faces. They’re ugly humans with no future and no heart. They have no God in their heart. They don’t know how to love, even though they may think that they do, but they don’t. Some of them came from ugly families, and their parents were the same ugly people as they are.

Thank God there is more good people than bad ones. There is more dog and cat lovers, than haters. Can you imagine hating on dogs? Of course not, its impossible. Well, now imagine what kind of person one should be to hate on dogs. That is right, the ugliest hater, and their hate is eating them alive. What does a hater’s life look like? Its a daily torture, because they don’t belong among humans. They belong in a world full of hate. They are evil creatures. And they will go to hell. This planet Earth is alive just because of the good people, if there were only losers and haters then there would be no life left on this planet.

So, next time when you meet some dog or cat hater, just know, that its a total loser, and the hate that they carry around with them will kill them soon, and that is the truth.

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