By LIMG_0696ee Green : What hot dog means to you ? Is it just a name or is it a taste of it ? Well , hot dog means a great love for me . I grew up in New York city , and as a matter fact I ate my first hot dog in NY, NY . I remembered forever the most delicious hot dog ever . It was so good. Years passed by , and I traveled the world, but I never ate anything like that anywhere in the world. New York have the best hot dogs in the world. Did you ever traveled to New York city ? Well, if you do then make sure to try some hot dog , because they are truly the best .

I don’t know what they do to them while cooking or making , but they are so tasty . I tried to make one at home but I couldn’t do it. The taste wasn’t like that . I tried hot dogs in many other cities , but the taste wasn’t the same . There is some magic in New York city , because they know how to make the most delicious hot dogs .

I eat in the wonderful restaurants , but I go to down town specially to eat my hot dog . I can not imagine my life without hot dogs . Those are my precious babies . I love hot dogs and I love the taste of it , and I love the smell of it. I wonder , if there is more people just like me , who love the hot dogs as much as I do .

I have a secret ,  even at night I get up and make one myself if I get hungry . Hot dogs are making me happy. They are just fantastic , and no wonder people  love them so much.

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