By Lidia Burban : There was time in my life, when sometimes I had nothing to eat. I mean literally nothing. There was nothing in my refrigerator. Well, only some milk and eggs, but I always had some cooking flour in my place. So, I would make some home made waffles for myself. Its so easy to make waffles.

Often, waffles were my breakfast, lunch and dinner. I would eat them as snack too. Even though, we live in the most richest country on the planet Earth. Still, there is some people who is hungry and often, they have no food to eat. There is homeless. There is Veterans who needs help, and there is homeless Veterans. It is horrible. Its a shame.

Well, that is the contrast of American life. We shouldn’t have any hungry people in America. People in America can not be hungry. Stores are filled with the food products. Often, they can’t sell it, and the food goes bad, and it goes to the garbage. What a disgrace.

Stores needs to donate whatever products can’t sell. They know, that they are unable to sell it, before it goes bad. They should not wait until it goes bad. Instead, they need to donate it. Dumping food in the garbage is a horrible thing.

Until this day, I love my waffles. I still make my home made waffles, and I never get tired of them. Today, my life has changed. Even though, my refrigerator is filled with all kinds of foods. My waffles is always on the daily menu for me. There is something about them, that makes me want to eat them. Maybe I still remember my old days, when I had nothing to eat, and I would eat just some waffles.


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  1. Deloise says:

    Donald Trump is going to save America and stop all of these 3rd world immigrants from turning America into a 3rd world crap-hole. If you are against President Trump, then you should be ashamed of yourself. If you support President Trump? Then God bless you.

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