By Nancy Green : What is Halloween really? Is it really so fun? Is it all about candies? What it is all about? Well, of course pumpkins, and its candies, and costumes and its fun for some people, but not for everyone. There is one thing, that I found it not funny at all and many other people found hate it too. So, what is that one thing? Its the scary costumes
and decorations of scary things like skeletons. Its just not funny and no fun at all. Its the worship of the dark side. Its like doing witchcraft, don’t you think so?

I believe in God, and I really don’t like all those scary decorations on peoples houses. It really makes me think that the people worshiping the dark side. Just think about it for a second. Its hard to understand why some people love decoration like skeletons and things in that nature. They are calling upon those dark things, when they decorate their houses with those kind of thing. The dark side love it. And the devil loves it. They come to those people. They come into their lives. And that is true. So think before decorating your place with those scary things, because something bad can happen in your life.

I tell you about my Halloween, and my friend Halloween. Because we believe in God, we only decorate our houses with pleasant things like pumpkins and lights. We enjoy giving candies to the children, and that is wonderful.

Just remember, when you have scary things like skeletons and scary masks in your house, then you are inviting evil in your life, and you probably don’t even know about it. Evil loves those kind of things. You can change the way your Halloween is, and choose to stay away from the dark side of it. Just like many people did.



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