By Victoria smith : Human body is a big mystery. We know scientific facts about human body, but we still don’t know about spiritual facts of human body. Where is our electricity located? What gives humans the energy? I don’t know where is it. Nobody knows the location of the spirit in the human body, which will travel to Heaven. What do you think? Where it might be?

All my life, I was curious about this matter. Maybe, the electricity located in the heart of the human. I think so, because as a spiritual person, and as believer, maybe the heart is the holder of our electrical spirit, which will fly away to the universe, after one dies.

Maybe our spirit located in the hsn24-spiriteart. A tiny bright light, which goes to God, after death. After the death, humans leaving their bodies, but our spirit is alive, and it raises above the body, and flying away. Of course, I do believe in Heaven. There is Heaven. And I do believe, that every believer will go there after death. As I listen all the stories about near death experiences, I came to my own conclusion, that it takes only seconds to travel distances between the earth and Heaven. Its the same, as one travel the speed of light to get to Heaven. Its amazing.

I have learned, when one experiencing near death experience, they raise above their body, and they go through the bright tunnel, and then, they already in Heaven. Its absolutely amazing. Its so mysteries. There is so many mysteries in the universe, and on the planet Earth. Will we ever discover any of it? Its hard to say, but I believe, when Jesus comes back to this Earth, it will be the glorious day of all, and the true fact about life after death will be obvious for those who still doesn’t believe.

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    sun and solar energy

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