By Lora Rosa : We all growing up. It seem like yesterday, we were just a little kids, and our parents were there for us. They were there, each and everyday. Everyday was a happy day with our parents. They were taking care of us. They were protecting us. As time passed by, we grew up, and left our homes.

We left to start our own adult life. Many people stay close to their parents and its wonderful. Many people never forget to call their parents, and its wonderful. many people visit their parents all the time, and that is how it should be. What can be more important, than staying in touch with your closest people in the whole earth. These are the most important people for you. These who truly loves you no matter what. These are your parents.

Well, not everyone calling their paSN24-Parentsrents. Some people simply forgets about their parents. Why? Well, maybe because they are “too busy” to call. Perhaps, they are selfish, and they simply forget about their parents. Why is that so? Who’s fault is that? Perhaps, their parents didn’t pay attention to their children, when they were a little kids. And now, they grew up to be this way? In any case, its just really sad.

I have a friend, and he is calling him parents every single day. And I think, that’s way it should be. He is a great son, and they are a great parents. Its a great family. A very nice people all together. And if you just dreaming to have a family like that, then pick up your phone, and just call to your parents. Visit them, just surprise them. Make their day by giving them a call. Just spend a few minutes by talking to them. Make a habit and call your parents. Be a good son or be a good daughter, because that’s what it means to be a good kids. I’m sure you would want your own kids to call you, wouldn’t you?

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