By Lola Green : We all heard what happened to day. President Trump fired FBI Director James Comey. Well, that is definitely the greatest news. He deserves it. We are really happy, and we are celebrating this news. It was time to fire him. What a wonderful day, such fabulous news.

Of course, the Clinton supporters are upset about it as usual. There are some media channels that are making a big deal out of it, which is very funny to watch. The Democrats are outraged again, and are calling President Trump names again, which is a flat out nasty thing to do. If you turn on some TV news channels, you will see the anger and frustration about this news. Its like they are ready to cry right in front of the camera, its so hilarious. Do they really like this FBI Director James Comey? Or is it just a game to get any chance to attack the President? Of course, its just a chance to attack the President. They still cannot get over the election. They are trying to pollute peoples brains by saying bad things about our President, but its just not working out in their favor. People are smart. People voted for Trump, and they are not going to turn their back on him. He is our President and he will remain our President. And the Democrats need to stop dreaming about impeaching Trump. Its just an empty dream for the Liberals. How pathetic. They think that by talking bad about Trump, they will make people hate him. Well, here is the news for the Democrats. It is not going to happen. We love our President Trump, and its not going to happen. Well, maybe in the Democrat’s dreams it can. Not in real life.

So, media is going crazy about this news. We don’t watch those people. The only channel we are watching  is Fox News. In our opinion, they are the most smart and wonderful people on TV news. Fox News delivers the truth, they are true Americans, and thank God for the Fox News channel. Thank you God for our President Trump, our true hero. The President who truly loves America and its people. The President who loves God.


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