How To Choose Your Real Estate Agent

By Lisa Lee : I was the first time home buyer, and I didn’t know anything about the process of buying a home or I should say an apartment in the most beautiful city on earth, New York city that is.
I came to New York for my job, so I decided to buy an apartment in Manhattan, as you can imagine life in New York is very different, its not like any other place.
So, I contacted a real estate agent to help me find my new place. My real estate agent seemed knowledgeable and I was very confident that he will find something for me. Instead, he wasted my time. I contacted another agent, and he wasn’t any good either, my agent expected me to do the search and all he wanted to do was to open the doors for me after I found something by myself. Thats not the way it should be. So, I got rid of my agent.

I found another agent, and it was literally impossible to reach him on the phone to ask any questions if I needed something. And I thought that isn’t the right way to perform the job as an agent.
Yes, after that I met a few more agents, some of them were late for appointments, some didn’t show up at all. Some were rude and lazy. Some looked like they just woke up, and you know how that looks like.

I thought to myself, where is my dream agent, are there any great agents out there at all? I didn’t know what to do. I lost all my hope, still I decided to give one more chance to one of the agents out there, before starting to do the search by myself, even though I didn’t have any time for that. Still, I believed that there must be some wonderful agents out there, who can help me in my search. I wasn’t going to give up, so I contacted one more agent.
My last choice was great. My new agent was always on time, she always answered my calls, she was sending me a lot of listings to choose from, she paid attention to every detail on my wish list, she knew how to listen to her client, besides it was fun to work with her even if I had a bad day, she would brighten up my day.

Maybe its hard for some agents to perform their job on the high level, but thats how it must be done. A Real estate agent must be a happy person because when you meet with your clients, they want to see your enthusiasm. Your clients must see your confidence and commitment, because they must believe that at the end of the day, they know that their agent will find their dream place for them to buy or to rent, and it will happen very soon.

For me a real estate agent is like a pilot who takes you to your beautiful destination, and they make sure that your landing is safe and on time.
Because that’s how it should be and nothing less and if you don’t try to be the greatest agent, then you will disappoint me and other people out there.
People wouldn’t want to deal with you if you are doing a bad job. Its as easy as that.
So, work on yourself, be the greatest, be someone who people want to work with, because it will bring happiness to others besides yourself.

Are you one of the greatest agents in New York city? If so, let the world know by doing a wonderful job as a real estate agent.

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