Vegetable Cabbage Pancake

By Gloria Smith : Pancakes are a wonderful morning meal. We all know that pancakes are usually round and thin, but we don’t have to get stuck only on those ones. There is always something new to discover. I learned how to make some vegetable cabbage pancakes. Its easy to make and they taste so good. They are truly different. And if you’re up to exploring something in the kitchen then here are the recipes for you.

Shred your middle sized cabbage. Add some salt. One egg, and add some flour to it in order to make the cabbage stick to each other. Make balls and then pat them down until they’re flat and top them off with seasoned bread crumbs. And the last step is to fry them on the pan until they are golden brown ( fry them on a little bit lower them middle temperature). Those cabbage pancakes can be served as side dishes too. Its all up to you.

As you know, cabbages are great vegetables, and they’re tasty too. My grandmother used to make cabbage pancakes for me. Those who love cabbages will greatly appreciate this dish, and they will surprise their family and friends with it. Don’t you love vegetables? They are great in many ways, cooked or fresh. Vegetables are making our life so much fun, well besides chocolate of course. Enjoy your cooking time. Cook with someone special in your life or cook for them. There is always something new to create. There is always something to make your day different and not like yesterday. These cabbage pancakes can be one of those things. Even if you don’t know how to cook, you can always try it, and as time goes by, you will get better and better at cooking something delicious.



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