Evening Flats Or Evening Heels

By Nina Burban : There are three types of women, those who love heels and those who love flats, and the other ones, who love both. Which one are you? So, you are going out and you are wearing high heels. Do you feel comfortable at all? How do your legs feel? Do you think you can stay out long enough in those high heels? Many women don’t realize how hard it is to stay and walk in heels for hours. They wish they could just take them off, but they can’t, because there are people around them, and they just can’t do it.

Of course, heels are a powerful beautiful thing, but its not that beautiful. Its like you’re walking on sticks or something. Many women fall and break their legs and arms, and hurt other body parts when falling down. Often, I see women walking in heels and they’re barely able to walk. Its torture for them. Of course, its not easy to walk on heels, even the most professional heel walkers still have trouble at some point or another. Even models often  fall down on the runway.

Well, can a woman go out wearing some beautiful flats? Would you go out by wearing evening flats? I would, and I do. I’m wearing one or two inch high flats, and I feel gorgeous. I feel free, and I feel beautiful. I enjoy my evening and my wonderful dinner at the nice restaurant, and I don’t think about my legs. My legs are fine, because I don’t wear giant heels, and I know that I won’t fall. There is nothing wrong if you wear some beautiful two or three inch flats. In fact, its very sophisticated and sexy. There are some gorgeous flats out there for you to buy for your evening night out. And when you go out, then you will feel great, you can dance as much as you want. Your legs won’t hurt, and there is almost no chance of you falling down for whatever reason, unless you are very drunk or something. Also, if you need to run for some reason, if there is something bad going on, then you can do it with flat shoes, but you can’t run in heels, that’s for sure.

Flat shoes are in fashion, and evening flats are beautiful. Don’t be afraid to wear evening flats for your night out. Even the most sophisticated people wear flats in the most expensive restaurants, and that is sexy. Love your flats and wear them as much as you want, as long as they are beautiful. And you can always add some personal touch to it by adding some bows or a flower or a pin to your shoes.

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