By Love Kart : There is no question that Floyd Mayweather Jr. is the greatest fighter on earth. The world didn’t see anybody as good as Floyd Mayweather Jr. He never lose any fight’s. He keeps wining the fights, and that’s what winners do. Soon, we will watch another of his up coming fight against Andre Berto. One more time he will show the world , who is the best and what is it takes to be the greatest of all. We believe in Floyd Mayweather Jr. His fans are waiting for this fight, and supporting him with all their hearts.

Well, there is another people, who is wishing him to lose the fight. Of course, its the same old and boring haters. Those people who is jealous of him and his great success in boxing. Who are those haters ? Why do they hate Floyd Mayweather Jr. ?
Do they have any reason to hate him ? Well, there is one answer to those questions, its because, that’s what haters do, they hate somebody, who is better than them. Haters hate winners, because haters are losers.

So, there is nothing else to do for haters but to hate someone everyday and all day long. It takes a lots of energy to hate someone and its a hard work.

While the hate is going on in this world, the winners keep winning and live a wonderful life, which is full of happiness and love. So many people, millions of people supporting and cheering for the true champion Floyd Mayweather Jr.

We are waiting for the 49th victory. Good luck to you Floyd Mayweather Jr. You are the winner , you are the champion. You are the greatest fighter in the boxing world!

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