Forgotten ? No. Admired ? Yes. Floyd Mayweather Jr. The Boxing Champion.

By Love Kart :  He have a lots of fan’s all over the world, and he have a lot’s of haters . We watched all of his fights from the start to the end of his career. Not so long ago it was his , as he said, 49th fight the last fight. His glorious boxing career, which never makes us stop  admire him. His every fight was like a piece of art. Every move and every punch was like a chess move. It was smart and beautifully done. His boxing strategic skill’s  will always inspire the next generation of  a boxing fighter’s. They will look up to him.

There was nobody in the history of boxing who could defeat all of the opponents until this day. His 49 fights and all  of them are his victory’s.  Its hard to believe that we are not going to see him fighting anymore, but we still hope that maybe he will come back to the ring and he will fight again. We miss him already, because he is truly the best. The “TBE” as he calling himself, and its true indeed.

We will never forget your great boxing fights, and we are so thankful , that we had watched you fighting and winning , all those years.  We will hope , that you will comeback to the boxing ring someday.  Now,  you will be loved by your fans forever, and the legacy of the great fighter Floyd Mayweather Jr.  will live  forever.



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