By Victoria Smith : Do you remember your last flight? Was it scary? We were never afraid of flying, until now. Our plane went through some horrible storm -thunderstorm. Flight from New York to Moscow, Ru. Plane was shaking left and right so bad, it was jumping. It was so bad, we were screaming. I felt like throwing up, because I was so scared. And it happened before we were ready to land, and it was on and on for about ten long minutes. I though, we will go down. People were screaming,SN24-Clouds and very scared. Some people remain calm, or they just got frozen because of the fear. And we still don’t know, why we wasn’t diverted to another airport, even though, all other planes were diverted to some other airports.

One year later, we were flying to Fort Lauderdale, and there was huge fluffy clouds, our pilots was flying around them. Clouds were like a giant mountains, and they were endless, and even though, we were flying around them to avoid them, we still had some scary turbulence. It still shook the plane, and it was scary. Our pilots did a great job by going around the clouds. We always choosing to fly on Delta Airlines. We don’t fly with other companies.

As for fluffy clouds, yes, they look beautiful from the earth to look at, but when you are flying in the skies, then its another story, those are just scary fluffy monster clouds, and the planes must go around them.

Since that time, we hate flying, and we are trying to avoid flying, but if we need to fly, then we are choosing to fly with Delta. The pilots are our heroes, because they are taking off and landing planes safely everyday. They bringing home safely our loved ones, everyday. Thank you Delta pilots. You are our heroes. Our heroes of everyday, and that is the truth. Your wonderful skillful job of flying safely is so important to everyone, and we are admire you.

So, how to overcome fear of flying? That is the question, that we have no answer to it. There is nothing helping me to relax while flying. Our fear of flying is unbearable, unless we can fall asleep, and only wake up when already landed, but its impossible.





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    are you a pilot?

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